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I O T A at Farnsfield

We just played a lovely gig at Farnsfield Acoustic club. Such a fun evening!

Our friend Spen (Spencer Cozens) came along just to see us. He is a incredible keyboard player who played with John Martyn for yonks and is also in Jacqui McShee's Pentangle. He is brilliant and has many skills such as recording engineer and singer and songwriter.

The gig was not very full but the people who came were very nice to us and clapped in the right places haha! We played all our instruments and sang all the IOTA songs we've made so far including a new song called 'Just Wasted' which we'd only made the day before so we had to have the words.

Thank you to Jenny and Gareth Parsons, and Mike and Jill Jervis for all the years of organising such a wonderful club.

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